Boat Browser

Boat Browser 6.4

Compact, quick Android web browser


  • Nice clean interface
  • Crisp zoom
  • Good privacy options
  • Good advanced options
  • Skinnable
  • Save to SD


  • None so far
Boat Browser


Boat Browser 6.4

User reviews about Boat Browser

  • JJSchmidt

    by JJSchmidt

    "Boat is my new browser. I love it!"

    I can't say enough good things about this browser. I used to use Opera and Dolphin browsers but was never happy with th... More.

    reviewed on January 24, 2012

  • Poe47

    by Poe47

    "Best Browser for Complex Pages"

    I've tried Dolpin, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini, Skyfire, and Miren as well, but none work as well as Boat Browser... More.

    reviewed on January 21, 2012