Boat Browser

Boat Browser 6.4

Compact, quick Android web browser


  • Nice clean interface
  • Crisp zoom
  • Good privacy options
  • Good advanced options
  • Skinnable
  • Save to SD


  • None so far
Boat Browser


Boat Browser 6.4

User reviews about Boat Browser

  • JJSchmidt

    by JJSchmidt

    "Boat is my new browser. I love it!"

    I can't say enough good things about this browser. I used to use Opera and Dolphin browsers but was never happy with...   More.

  • Poe47

    by Poe47

    "Best Browser for Complex Pages"

    I've tried Dolpin, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini, Skyfire, and Miren as well, but none work as well as Boat Brow...   More.