Boat Browser

Boat Browser Mini 6.4

Compact, quick Android web browser


  • Nice clean interface
  • Crisp zoom
  • Good privacy options
  • Good advanced options
  • Skinnable
  • Save to SD


  • None so far


Boat Browser is a quick, comfortable browser for Android phones that gives even the market leaders a run for their money.

Everything about Boat Browser is easy. The interface is large and crisp. Swipe gestures work well, the icons are large enough even for bigger-handed people to manage easily and the zoom feature is second to none. It handles video well, and has a set of both normal and advanced options that should keep both all levels of user pretty happy.

As you would expect, Boat Browser supports tabs. These are easy to manage, with a nice tab browsing feature available by clicking the bottom-right icon on the screen. The options in this bottom bar are useful. The star allows you to manage your favorites, which the + allows you to perform various options on your current page, such as setting as a homepage, adding to favorites or sharing.

Boat Browser also has a few features that you don't see in all browsers that definitely make the experience a bit smoother. For instance, there's a night mode, screenshot function and the ability to exit the app completely, in our opinion an undervalued option in many apps. You can also move Boat Browser to the SD card, lightening the load even more.

Boat Browser is an excellent browser option for those who want an all-round high performer.

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Boat Browser


Boat Browser Mini 6.4

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